787 American Airlines livery for X-Plane

Last night I was feeling the itch to start another flight in X-Plane, and while I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go, I did know that I wanted to fly the Boeing 787. For the record, I like to keep my positioning as “real” as possible – which means that I must fly out of the same airport that I last flew into. The last airport I flew into was KDFW on a Delta Airlines 777-200LR from SAN (not very realistic, I know) so I naturally had a hankering to fly the trip with American Airlines. Trouble was, I didn’t have an American Airlines livery for my 787.

Being the crafty guy I am, I decided to make my own (just as I did for the FedEx 787). Since I make my own airliner illustrations anyway, I just used the art I had created previously for the new American Airlines livery and applied it directly to the 787 paint kit.

I’m happy with the way that it turned out, so I thought some of you might like to use it as well. And before you send me nasty messages complaining that it’s not exactly correct, I will say that I agree – it’s not pixel perfect. So please keep that in mind before you download it.

Other than that, please download this American Airlines 787 livery and have a good flight!