FedEx livery for the X-Plane 787

I recently posted X-Plane 10 screenshots of a FedEx 787F overflying Hurricane Sandy, and many of you have contacted me to inquire about that livery. Yes, I did create that – and no, it’s not perfect. But if you still want it anyway, you can download it here.

There are two main issues with it that make me not-so-happy:

  • First, the lights from the fuselage windows are visible during night flying. Even though there are no widows in this livery, I’m not exactly sure how to disable that feature when this livery is selected from the main control panel. Maybe it’s a simple fix – I have no idea. If anyone knows the solution, I’d appreciate it if you could let me know.
  • The second issue is that I wasn’t sure how to add in the FedEx logos on the engines so that they would display properly. The paint kit only offers the ability to paint the inner and outer engine cover – one template each for both engines. So that means that if you put a logo on it, it will look good on one side of the aircraft. But the other side will be reversed! This is actually sort of hard to explain, but it will quickly become evident if you start messing around with X-Plane paint kits.

But whatever. I initially created this livery for myself (and it was good enough for who it was for), but many of you have expressed an interest in using it. That’s great…I’m happy to share! But please know that it’s not completely accurate and I’m not claiming that it’s the best one out there. So don’t come complaining…

Despite it’s inaccuracies, I enjoyed making it. I’m definitely going to make more of these liveries for the X-Plane 787 whenever I can. But I gotta be honest and say that my airliner art has a higher priority. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

Please click here to download this livery.