Honolulu to Los Angeles on a UPS MD-11F

After about a month of hanging out on the beaches of Hawaii, it was time to head back to the mainland. I flew out here on a Hawaiian Airlines MD-11 from DTW, but hey – since this is only a flight sim and I’m not bound by the rules of the real world, I can work for any airline I want and pick the exact aircraft I want to fly. Today, I felt like hauling a load of freight (pineapples perhaps?) on a UPS MD-11F to LAX.

Heading back to the mainland after time off on the islands is never easy, but I’ve got a hankerin’ to head over to Europe soon so it was necessary to get moving. I decided to depart out of Honolulu right after sunrise, which would allow me to arrive at LAX while the sun was still shining. I always like arriving in LA during the daylight hours, mostly because there is some nice scenery around the LA basin that would be a real shame to miss if arriving at night.

So long, Honolulu – until next time!

UPS (United Parcel Service)
Honolulu, HI (HNL) – Los Angeles, CA (LAX)
Aircraft: MD-11F

HNL to LAX route map

HNL to LAX route map

hnl ups MD-11F

Rolling out to the reef runway at HNL just before sunrise

reef runway departure HNL

Starting the take off roll on the reef runway

UPS md-11 oahu hawaii

Beautiful early morning departure out of Honolulu

ups md-11F oahu hawaii

Climbing out over Diamond Head and Waikiki

clear skies over the pacific ocean

Beautiful weather at causing altitude as we head east over the Pacific Ocean

UPS MD-11 fl390 cruise

Cruising at 39,000ft

channel islands md-11 wing

Flying over the Channel Islands as we make our approach into LAX

UPS md-11 over los angeles

On the downwind leg for runway 25L at LAX

LAX south complex

On the ground at LAX!

LAX airport

Taxiing to the cargo facility

holding short LAX airport

Waiting for clearance to pull into our parking spot

lax cargo parking

Looks like we are the only cargo bird here at the moment. Oh well – makes parking easy!