How to save views in X-Plane 10

Saving views can be especially helpful when it comes to navigating around the cockpit. It’s super easy to to in X-Plane 10 – here are the steps:

    1). Navigate to your desired view. It can be anything you want – a specific cockpit view, an exterior view, or cabin view. It doesn’t matter.
    2). From the number pad on your keyboard, press Ctrl 0 (or any number you want).
    3). The view is now saved, and you can return to this view by pressing 0 (or the number you set).

There are some very important things to keep in mind when it comes to saving views in X-Plane:

    1). These saved views are specific to each aircraft – so you’ll have to go through all these steps for all the aircraft that you fly.
    2). You will lose these views each time you update your aircraft to the latest version – unless you save the “xx_prefs.txt” file (located in the directory of that aircraft). Note that “xx” represents the name of the aircraft. Any time after you update your aircraft, import this saved .txt file into that particular directory and your saved views will be restored.