Here’s a detailed list of all the the virtual flights I’ve taken over the years.

Date Route Airline Aircraft Platform
28-Sep-14 ORD-SAN American 757-200 X-Plane
24-Nov-13 FRA-ORD United 747-400 X-Plane
22-Nov-13 HKG-FRA United 747-400 X-Plane
17-Nov-13 HNL-HKG United 747-400 X-Plane
12-Oct-13 ORD-HNL United 747-400 X-Plane
11-Oct-13 SDF-ORD American 787-8 X-Plane
6-Oct-13 DXB-SDF UPS 777F X-Plane
27-Jul-13 LHR-DXB British Airways 777-200 X-Plane
20-Jul-13 SAN-LHR British Airways 777-200 X-Plane
26-May-13 BZE-SAN American 787-8 X-Plane
21-May-13 DFW-BZE American 787-8 X-Plane
17-May-13 SAN-DFW Delta 777-200 X-Plane
12-May-13 SYD-LAX FedEx 787-8F X-Plane
11-May-13 LAX-SYD QANTAS 747-400 X-Plane
15-Jan-13 HNL-LAX American 767-300 X-Plane
13-Jan-13 SAN-HNL United 747-400 X-Plane
17-Dec-12 NRT-SAN Japan Airlines 787-8 X-Plane
30-Nov-12 SFO-NRT ANA 777-200 X-Plane
7-Nov-12 MEM-SFO FedEx 787-8F X-Plane
2-Nov-12 NBO-MEM FedEx 787-8F X-Plane
7-Oct-12 CPT-NBO South African Airways 777-200 X-Plane
22-Sep-12 EZE-CPT South African Airways 777-200 X-Plane
11-Sep-12 GIG-EZE 777-200 X-Plane
8-Sep-12 PTY-GIG FedEx 787-8F X-Plane
3-Sep-12 SJD-PTY FedEx 787-8F X-Plane
3-Sep-12 STL-SJD Northwest 787-8 X-Plane
2-Sep-12 SBN-STL Delta 787-8 X-Plane
1-Sep-12 JFK-SBN Delta 787-8 X-Plane
1-Aug-12 AMS-SFO KLM 747-400 FSX
27-Jul-12 BCN-AMS KLM 737-900 FSX
24-Jul-12 ATL-BCN Delta MD-11 FSX
20-Jul-12 LAX-ATL Delta 737-700 FSX
18-Jul-12 HNL-LAX UPS MD-11 FSX
21-Jun-12 OGG-HNL Hawaiian 737-700 FSX
21-Jun-12 HNL-OGG Hawaiian 737-700 FSX
20-Jun-12 DTW-HNL Hawaiian MD-11 FSX
17-Jun-12 ORD-DTW FedEx MD-11 FSX
13-Jun-12 LAS-ORD United 737-900 FSX
11-Jun-12 SAN-LAS American 737-800 FSX
10-Jun-12 SFO-SAN BBJ2 FSX
9-Jun-12 TPA-JFK Delta 787-8 X-Plane
4-Jun-12 MIA-TPA Delta 787-8 X-Plane
3-Jun-12 MSP-MIA Delta 787-8 X-Plane
2-Jun-12 SFO-MSP Delta 787-8 X-Plane
28-May-12 SAN-SFO 787-8 X-Plane
4-Jun-12 MIA-TPA Delta 787-8 X-Plane