Sometimes the strangest things happen in X-Plane

Sometimes my short attention span catches up to me and I find myself just messing around in X-Plane instead of actually flying. Most of the time that sort of thing happens when I’ve completely botched a landing, or I can’t quite figure out how to do something – the frustration takes over, and I pretty much just start seeing what kind of mischief I can get into by doing some weird things.

I recently crash-landed the 777 in a pouring rain storm, and despite reloading the approach and trying a handful of different times, I still couldn’t get it right. After the 5th attempt, I just started driving around on the wet grass seeing if I could get the plane to take off. Fun stuff, right? Anyway, while pushing the triple-seven to it’s limits, I noticed something weird going on in the background, completely out of my control:

X-Plane bug

Close up view of what appears to be an out of control 737 off in the distance.

What the heck is that?! Looks like an out of control 737 to me, and it was either the result of a really weird bug within X-Plane or the guys at Laminar Research have a pretty good sense of humor. Either way, it was totally unexpected and it helped to enhance the “playtime” I was having.