Taking a virtual round the world trip with X-Plane: Segment 2: HNL-HKG

Segment 1: Chicago to Honolulu
Segment 2: Honolulu to Hong Kong
Segment 3: Hong Kong to Frankfurt
Segment 4: Frankfurt to Chicago

Now that I had the chance to rest up in Hawaii, it was time to continue on my round-the-world journey. As I mentioned in my last segment, I was thinking about taking a more southerly route (though AKL) on my trip around the globe. However, there was a new Boeing 757 released for X-Plane over the weekend and I want to get this trip wrapped up as soon as possible so I can give it a try. Remember – I try to keep my virtual flights as realistic as possible, meaning that I can’t just say “screw it” and abandon a trip in progress. If I can’t do it in the real world, I’m not going to do it in the flight simulator! Anyway, on with the trip…

Segment 2


Route map of this Honolulu to Hong Kong segment

United Airlines
Honolulu, HI (HNL) – Hong Kong, Hong Kong (HKG)
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400

There isn’t much more to say about this segment, so I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves (with the help of the captions I’ve added). Here we go:

Lined up and ready to go on the reef runway

Lined up and ready to go on the reef runway at sunrise. Looks like I have’t added flaps yet!

Diamond Head through the HUD

Takeoff! Looking west to Waikiki and Diamond Head through the HUD

Departing out of HNL

Departing out of HNL. In an effort to grab this screenshot while still flying the plane, I accidentally activated the thrust reversers. Yes, I came dangerously close to crashing.

passing through the clouds

Stunning view as we pass through the clouds

The last view of land

The last view of land we’ll see before reaching mainland China

39,000ft above the Pacific Ocean

39,000ft above the Pacific Ocean

only 321 NM left to go

View from the cockpit with only 321 NM left until we reach HKG. Looks hazy out there.

approaching HKG

The weather cleared as we approached HKG

Lining up for a 25L arrival

Lining up for a 25L arrival into HKG

almost there

Just about lined up with 25L. Still a little out of shape as I’m flying with one hand while trying to grab a screenshot!

Touchdown on 25L

Touchdown on 25L in Hong Kong

using up the entire runway

As you can see, I landed a little bit too fast and I used up most of the runway before coming to a stop.

Thanks for flying along. Stay tuned for the next segment coming soon – I need to get back to Chicago ASAP!