Taking a virtual round the world trip with X-Plane: Segment 3: HKG-FRA

Segment 1: Chicago to Honolulu
Segment 2: Honolulu to Hong Kong
Segment 3: Hong Kong to Frankfurt
Segment 4: Frankfurt to Chicago

My time in Hong Kong was way too short, but I wanted to push onward so I could get “home” and get this trip behind me. Don’t get me wrong – I’m having fun flying it, but there are some X-Plane updates I want to install (and that 757 to try out) and I can’t do that while I’m in the middle of a trip. I could make a side trip from my current location with the 757, but the X-Plane updates look really good and I want to get those installed. If I do that mid-trip, I’ll lose all my settings for this United 747 and it would be a pain to get everything back the way it was. So I’m pushing on…

Segment 3

hkg-fra route map

Map showing the long route from Hong Kong to Frankfurt

United Airlines
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (HKG) – Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400

Just like the last segment on this round-the-world journey, I’m going to let the screenshots do all the talking. Ready? Let’s go!

All lined up on 25L

All lined up on 25L and ready to depart HKG at sunrise

Rocketing off 25L at HKG

Rocketing off 25L at HKG

departing out of HKG

Amazingly clear sunrise as we depart out of HKG in the United Airlines 747-400

clear skies around hong kong

It truly was a beautiful morning in Hong Kong. Rare to see it so clear.

View from the economy class section

View from the economy class section as we climb out and head west

hazy skies

The haze quickly returned however

western China

Stunning scenery as we pass over western China

UA 747-400 at altitude

Beyond western China, this was pretty much what it looked like all the way over Russia and into eastern Europe

Starting our descent into FRA

Starting our descent into FRA with the German landscape below

thick cloud layer

Passing through a thick cloud layer

descending through 2400ft

View from the cockpit as we descend through 2400ft – and I’m getting nervous here because I hate low-visability landings!

nice clear view of runway 25C

Luckily things cleared out a bit and I was able to get a nice clear view of runway 25C. Still a bit out of shape on my approach here…

horrific landing

…and it resulted in a horrific landing! I wasn’t going to upload this screenshot but you can see things didn’t go well.

perfect landing on runway 25C

But this is a flight sim after all, so I loaded up the approach again and nailed 25C perfectly the second time around.

Yes, I screwed up the landing on this one, so the aircraft will have to be serviced before I continue on. I’ve been informed that the chief pilot wants to have a word with me…