Very basic FMS tutorial for the X-Plane Boeing 757 Professional

If you’re just getting started with X-Plane and have no desire (or time) to learn how to program the FMS (Flight Management System) like a pro, this very basic X-Plane FMS tutorial is for you. It’s not difficult!

Remember: X-Plane is only as complicated as you want it to be

I admit it – I’m an airliner geek who likes flight simulators, but I just don’t have the time (or desire) to learn how to fly them properly and by the book. You see, my love of aviation is slanted more towards the travel side of things and I enjoy going places much more than I do calculating fuel burn rates and setting up complex flight plans. It’s seriously complicated stuff, and it’s what kept me away from flight simulators for a long time – I just thought it would be way too difficult to learn.

Thankfully, that’s not the case – at all. All I ever wanted to do with a flight sim was to fly direct from one airport to another with as much autopilot control as possible, and I quickly discovered how to do it without too much effort in the X-Plane Boeing 757 designed by FlightFactor (which is produced by VMAX).

Basic X-Plane FMS tutorial (with pictures)

As it turns out, programming the FMS (flight management system) to fly directly from one airport to another in this Boeing 757 is almost exactly how it’s done for the 777 from the same developers. There are only a few minor differences, but overall, it’s basically the same. With that said, here are step by step instructions with pictures to guide you along:

Basic FMS programming to fly directly from one airport to another in the Boeing 757 for X-Plane

Step 1: Select < FMC

Step 1: Select < FMC

Step 2: Select POS INIT >

Step 2: Select POS INIT >

type in the airport you are currently a

Step 3: Using the keypad, type in the airport you are currently at, and press the button next to “REF AIRPORT”

Select ROUTE >

Step 4: Select ROUTE >

press the button next to ORIGIN

Step 5: You’ll notice that the airport code you typed in on the previous page is still there at the bottom of the screen, so just press the button next to ORIGIN and it will fill in automatically.

press the button next to DEST

Step 6: Type in your destination airport and press the button next to DEST

Press the ACTIVATE > button

Step 7: Press the ACTIVATE > button

Press the EXEC button

Step 8: Press the EXEC button on the keypad

use the HDG control

Once you do that, you’ll notice a purple line that appears on your main display. This is the direct route to your destination airport! You need to follow that line, which you can do by using the HDG control from the autopilot panel.

Turn the HDG control

Turn the HDG control so that the dashed purple line matches the solid purple one

Now, activate your autopilot – the plane will follow that heading automatically. That’s all there is to it! See? I told you that this was going to be the easiest X-Plane FMS tutorial ever.

Remember though: this will only send the airplane to your destination airport – you will still have to control your speed and altitude, as well as landing (and everything that comes with that).

Happy flying!